ISD-325 presents itself as a watery, visco-elastic emulsion applicable through airless system.
Its feature is that it has a very slight smell making it particularly suitable for application in closed spaces.
Moreover, ISD-325 is highly suited for application on supports of various kinds such as steel, galvanised plate, aluminium, wood, glass, fiberglass or plastic materials on which the adhesion is excellent.
After its drying, it can be repainted with any type of water or solvent – based paint.


To control noise you need to act on its source in two ways: by covering or coating the surfaces using sound-proofing
material. In order to block vibrations you need to use an element that must have a damping action (Damping effect).
The sound insulation properties of ISD-325 have been certified in accordance with ISO-10140-2/ASTM E-90 by the laboratories of the ARAI-Automotive Research Association.
The tests showed that, a 2,4 mm dry film of ISD-325 applied on a sheet of 1 mm, guarantees an average damping of noise of 35 dB, which for high frequency noises reaches almost 50 dB.


ISD-325 has been certified as “Fire protection” material based on the international Normative FMVSS 302-
2008 by ARAI – Automotive Research Association.
The FMVSS 302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard -USA) Normative establishes the fire protection
requirements of the materials that can be used in vehicles transporting cars/ lorries, even in the passenger
or driver area.
That ISD-325 feature makes the product particularly suitable for the fire protection in the engine compartment
or, in any case, on the walls that separate it in order to protect the passenger/driver area.


Thanks to its excellent adhesion, ISD-325 creates a waterproof barrier with anti-corrosion characteristics.


It helps heat insulation thanks to its high reflecting effect.

  • High sound insulation: average reduction of 35 dB with a dry film thickness of just 2.4mm. Certification of sound insulation properties in compliance with Standard ISO 10140-2/ASTM E-90 by ARAI – Automotive
  • Research Association
  • Material classified as “Fire Protection Material” and thus conforming to be used on vehicles transporting passengers in compliance with standard FMVSS 302-2008 Certification issued by ARAI – Automotive Research Association.
  • High level of adhesion on all surfaces with no need to use a primer. It can be applied directly to metal, plastic materials, wood and so on.
  • Overcoated with any kind of finishing.
  • It can also be applied in areas that reach high temperatures without losing any adhesion, acoustic or mechanical characteristics.
  • Water-based product (VOC free).


Paint and coating solutions for decorative, fire protection,
industry, car refinish and marine market sectors.

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