Life nowadays forces people to spend most of their time in environments where “noise” can be really be very intense and long-lasting.
This does not just mean the contact between man and machines in the workplace, but also situations, in streets and homes, that inevitably expose man to significant sources of noise. The sources of noise can be of various kinds: natural (air, water…)
or artificial (motors, home appliances…) and cause unpleasant vibrations; in some cases harmful for the human ear.

In order to damp sound energy and to stop its spreading through the metal structures, we need to introduce an element with an insulating function that can dampen vibrations.


Sound energy , transmitted towards adjacent spaces, is thus weakened and dissipated. The coating used, besides having adequate acoustic characteristics, guarantees the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and reliability and its production is MADE IN ITALY.


Paint and coating solutions for decorative, fire protection,
industry, car refinish and marine market sectors.

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